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BioMed FinTech is an imagined investment holding group that provides financial solutions for biomedical companies. The showcase presents conceptual creative and content assets that can be reinterpreted for brands in a similar industry. The assets showcased should be viewed as a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, events, or published works is purely coincidental.


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Injecting new life into healthcare with AI

Innovative healthcare data startup Pulse.AI receives fresh funding to keep pace with stepped-up global demand for its artificial intelligence technology.

“The volume of big data in healthcare is projected to explode this decade,” says Anne-Marie Costantino, Executive Director at the World Data Corporation. “Healthcare organisations are already facing enormous challenges in making sense of their super-sized data assets.”

The data comes from various sources, including digital medical records, diagnostic tests, health-tracking apps, wearables and more. During the pandemic, the surge in data collection only served to supercharge the trend of amassing healthcare information.

Pulse.AI has a clever solution for leveraging the growing quantities of health data. Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, the startup has designed a system that empowers healthcare providers to make the most of big data.

Impressed by Pulse.AI’s early success, investment holding group BioMed FinTech (BMFT) is providing capital and expertise to the startup.


Unlocking the right treatment for health data

Co-founders of Pulse.AI, Ethan Richardson and Eliza Wong, first met at the Biomed Research Centre in the UK, where they were closely involved in designing AI and automated systems.

After a few years, they went their separate ways when Richardson took up a new role in the healthcare industry. He was astonished at the lack of readiness for the data tsunami about to wash over the sector.

“I contacted Eliza and told her about the problem,” Richardson said. “We both saw an opportunity to create and provide AI solutions tailored to healthcare organisations’ needs. That’s how Pulse.AI was born.”


New generation solutions for a new era of healthcare

“We designed our platform so that healthcare professionals can easily and seamlessly access all patient data – whether it’s collected remotely, on-site, by other providers or on personal devices. Moreover, the platform integrates all of the data in useful, meaningful and innovative ways,” said Wong.

“Pulse.AI’s platform gives health organisations the power to address the broad range of chronic and preventative healthcare needs that exist in today’s patient populations,” said Richardson.

“It’s a new generation solution that reflects the shift in health data from medical records alone to a more detailed, data-rich picture of patients. For health organisations, there’s also a shift. They can now equip themselves with a powerful data-driven tool to tackle the many operational challenges they face in delivering quality healthcare.”


Investing in health

BMFT is an investment holding group that provides financial solutions to talented biomedical companies. The group is dedicated to tracking innovations across the medical sector and has an eye for promising projects that bridge the technology gap in healthcare.

“Our unique selling point is that we specialise in biomedicine,” said Anne Hocking, founder and CEO of BMFT. “In the wake of the pandemic, many investment firms have been eager to add biomed companies to their portfolios, but they lack deep scientific knowledge of the area. At BMFT, we focus exclusively on biomedicine. With Pulse.AI, we saw their potential immediately.”

Ethan Richardson said, “Not only does BMFT fully understand our product, but they also understand our funding needs – especially now when demand for our technology is at a high and our need for capital has surged. The investment group also provides us with guidance on issues such as privacy, which is a hot topic in health data.”

With their complementary skill sets, Pulse.AI and BMFT are a winning combination. Big data will be a cornerstone of the new era of healthcare. Companies like Pulse.AI that provide smart, innovative, easy-to-adopt tools to leverage health data at scale will play a vital role in the future of medicine.

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New DNA technology set to revolutionise healthcare

BioMed FinTech led a number of spectacular series funding rounds to drive up-and-coming biomedical technology company DNAble towards a favourable position.

BAVARIA, GERMANY, 12 NOVEMBER 2022 – DNAble, a rising star in the biomedicine space, makes big strides in DNA technology supercharged by specialised investment.

“We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in DNA technology, and companies like ours are making astonishing breakthroughs,” says Davide Baraldi, CEO at DNAble, a Swiss-based BioMed startup.

“Thanks to investment from BioMed FinTech, DNAble is poised to be a key player in the new era of genomic medicine — a new kind of healthcare that will be more personalised than ever before,” Baraldi says. “BioMed FinTech has enabled our company to add scale and expertise in a complex and evolving area”.


Key points of the new DNA technology

  • Scientists are able to read the DNA sequence at a rapid rate, but their ability to write DNA is comparably sluggish.
  • Anyone needing made-to-order DNA has had to rely on short DNA strands synthesized using a slow, costly and often imprecise process.
  • Things are changing — BioMed company DNAble is revolutionising DNA writing with an enzyme engineering approach.
  • By utilising close relatives of DNA-writing enzymes in living organisms, DNAble can create DNA strands with up to 200 nucleotide bases. Two years ago, 50 nucleotides was the average. This enzyme-engineering approach is rivalling more traditional chemical methods of DNA writing.
    Enzymatic synthesis has the added advantage of being an almost error-free way to write strands of DNA.
  • DNAble already has an impressive list of global clients, including businesses, governments and academics.


Key insights from leading experts in biomedicine

  • On the efficiency of DNAble’s technology. “Enzymatic synthesis drastically cuts the cost of writing DNA, making it simpler and cheaper for synthetic biologists to design and test new genes,” Anne Hocking, founder and CEO of BioMed FinTech, said.
  • On applications for the new technology. “Enzymatic synthesis is ushering in a new era of genomic medicine, where we’ll see the development of new medicines to treat a wide range of diseases,” Noah Heiden, Head of Biomedical Engineering at Accent Pharma in London, said.
  • On preventing the spread of COVID and other viruses. “We use DNAble’s made-to-order DNA products to ensnare the spike protein of the virus that causes COVID. We’ve already successfully managed to prevent the virus from infecting cells — this offers new routes for antiviral treatments for coronaviruses, influenza and HIV,” Roger Leconte, CEO of the Pasteur Research Centre in Paris, said.


Media angles and opportunities

  • Davide Baraldi and Anne Hocking, the founder of BioMed FinTech, are available for media interviews over the next 12 weeks. All submissions of interest, lists of questions for review, and expected publishing dates should be sent to the media contact listed below.
  • The era of personalised healthcare: How DNAble’s customers are using advanced DNA technology to develop more precise treatments for viruses, cancer, diabetes and other health issues.
  • Rewriting the script on DNA: a day in the life of a biomedical company — see what goes on in a successful lab.

Media assets


Media contact

Issued for and on behalf of BioMed FinTech. For media enquiries, kindly email Jane Doe, PR Manager at Zazoozoo, at or call +1 718 961 5461 during standard business hours.

About BioMed FinTech

Investment holding group BioMed FinTech is recognised for its expertise and insight into biomedicine. Founded in 2014 by Anne Hocking, BioMed FinTech provides financial solutions to biomedical and biotech talent worldwide. To date, the group has supported the growth of more than 35 companies, equipping them with strategic resources, developmental backup and expansion capital so they can scale at the right time. The group’s deep knowledge of biomedicine sets them apart from other investors and enables them to offer a unique cultural fit with their partners. For more information, go to

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