Capitall is an imagined venture capital firm that partners with exceptional founders across six continents to launch and scale startups that address meaningful opportunities and challenges. The showcase presents conceptual creative and content assets that can be reinterpreted for brands in a similar industry. The assets showcased should be viewed as a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, events, or published works is purely coincidental.


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Capitall Offers Essential Funding Opportunities to Promising Startups on Every Continent

Capitall brings a unique perspective to the venture capital industry. The team strives to provide equitable funding opportunities to promising startups across the globe. Their tireless commitment to equity financing has helped emerging businesses become industry leaders and transform their communities for the better.

“Capitall offered equity financing to us when no other venture capital firm would. We couldn’t have grown without them,” said Sagong Mun-Hee, co-founder of Sagong Digital in Seoul, Korea.

Capitall is a venture capital firm that is committed to changing the world by sponsoring promising companies on every populated continent. Their team provides capital to small-scale startups led by imaginative and talented industry pioneers. Capitall has offices in 25 major cities and has established a global community of investors, operators, experts, builders, and partner organisations.

Growing companies need access to capital to grow, which means they need to work with dependable venture capitalist firms. There are countless reasons startups worldwide choose Capitall over other VC providers. Their top value propositions are their commitment to social change, reasonable application standards, and unique mentorship opportunities.


Commitment to fostering social change

Capitall’s venture capital services have been beneficial for startups in emerging markets trying to improve the lives of their communities. They include Solar Sese Monte, a solar energy startup in Tanzania.
“Tanzania has struggled with providing electricity to our citizens for decades,” says Hanif Abdalha, founder of Solar Sese Monte. “We developed Solar Sese Monte to address this problem and bring electricity to millions of Tanzanians that currently are without it. Capitall gave us the equity needed to expand our reach and serve our struggling citizens.”


Opportunities for young companies in need of equity financing

Many venture capital firms have extremely stringent criteria for startups seeking equity financing. They often require startups to have at least $5 million in revenue before applying. Capitall recognises many up-and-coming companies struggle to generate this level of income. The investors also realise that companies with lower revenue levels often operate in less competitive industries with less risk, so arbitrary revenue floors like these are senseless. Therefore, they have more nuanced and fairer standards for applicants.

“Our startup lacked the revenue to apply for most other equity financing opportunities,” says Nicole Partman, the founder of Klusterfield Fabrics in Australia. “Capitall helped us get the capital needed to expand into new markets.”


Excellent mentorship opportunities

Capitall works closely with many organisations that offer mentorship opportunities to their clients. As a result, startups such as Tiny Bio, a medical nanotech startup in London, have access to limitless wisdom to help grow their operations profitably.

“We have some of the best nanotech engineers in the world but lack expertise in marketing,” says Chris Ellis, co-founder of Tiny Bio. “Capitall connected us with leading marketing experts to help us grow.”

Capitall is a leading venture capital firm with offices around the world. They have helped numerous startups grow and drive lasting community change. Startups choose Capitall due to its stellar mentorship opportunities and fair financing requirements.

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Capitall Backs Venture Producing Sustainable Blades for Wind Turbines

Bendy Blades plans to produce 1 million blades for the wind energy industry from 100% sustainable timber. Capitall will provide $250 million in seed funding.

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, 17 NOVEMBER 2022 — “Wind power helps drive us toward carbon neutrality, but it makes even more sense to make the windmill machinery from sustainable products as well,” says George Beaufort, chief designer for Bendy Blades. “These lightweight blades will be equally efficient as their metal counterparts, powering this business into the future.”

Without adequate funding, Bendy Blades was facing strong headwinds and may not have been able to get the project off the ground. However, some of the Capitall associates in Stockholm brought this case to the attention of the Capitall board. After due deliberation, the board made the decision to invest. The first blades will be installed at a new wind farm on Gusty Island near Singapore at the beginning of the year.


Capitall Supports Emerging Sustainable Ideas

Capitall is dedicated to sustainable industries and has already supported more than 600 companies across a wide range of technologies and industries. Even though the company has only existed since 2018, it has rapidly become one of the leading venture capital firms in these important sectors. Further, it aims to back up to 6000 new ideas by 2030, accelerating the pace to a more carbon-neutral future.


Insights from key personnel

  • On the collaboration between Bendy Blades and Capitall. “We’re so happy to work with Capitall, and it’s certainly accelerated our plans,” notes Bendy Blades MD, Fred Smith. “We aim to keep production in-house and streamline the process once we get work underway,” adds Beaufort, the designer.
  • On Capitall’s focus on innovative ideas. Ebenezer Scrooge is one of the key investors at Capitall. He added: “I’m glad that we came across this project, and it’s one reason we have offices spread across 25 cities. It allows us to discover cool ideas that come from anywhere and from anyone — with any background.”


Media angles and opportunities

  • Journalists can question George Beaufort, the designer, to learn how these blades work. Get in touch with the media opportunities desk at the address below.
  • Capitall produces an annual report to showcase performance, investment opportunities and other key data. Journalists can get a copy by emailing the PR contact below.
  • There will be an unveiling event on Gusty Island for accredited journalists. Those who would like to attend can email the PR contact.

Media assets


Media contact

Issued for and on behalf of Capitall Inc. For media enquiries, kindly email Jane Doe, PR Manager at Zazoozoo, at or call +1 718 961 5461 during standard business hours.

About Capitall

Capitall is a venture capital firm that partners with exceptional founders around the globe to launch and grow startups that tackle meaningful challenges and opportunities. With a presence on six continents, Capitall is dedicated to finding and supporting the most innovative and ambitious founders in the world. Whether through financial investment, strategic guidance, or access to our extensive network, Capitall helps founders bring their visions to life and achieve long-term success. For more information, go to

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