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Crypto exchange DigiCoin launches the TidBit Coin

The latest addition to the digital exchange is cryptocurrency's next hottest phenomenon.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, 1 JULY 2022 — The newest addition to the crypto exchange promises to be a transparent, reliable, and secure investment for everyone from the crypto beginner to the crypto expert.

The DigiCoin platform is launching the latest inclusion in its ever-expanding list of cryptocurrencies: the TidBit coin. Like most cryptocurrencies, TidBit benefits from the fact that it’s inflation-proof. Besides the platform’s ease of use and the exchange’s reliability, the TidBit coin has grown to become a reputable investment for early users.

As traditional banks print more money, prices go up to match it – the core principle of inflation. And with the recent pandemic causing financial turmoil in many countries, inflation has reared its ugly head globally. But as we have seen with many other cryptocurrencies, the value of TidBit will continue to rise over time as more retailers invest in the coin.

Additionally, the seamless transaction on the DigiCoin platform has been a massive draw for users as currency exchange creates substantial barriers to fiat transactions. With the DigiCoin platform and the TidBit coin, users can send and receive transactions as simply as if they were doing them in person.


Key points on the launch of the TidBit coin on the DigiCoin platform

  • DigiCoin is a transparent, reliable, and secure cryptocurrency platform.
  • The platform has garnered over 223% more than expected user sign-ups this quarter, in June 2022, attracting over 15 million users.
  • 30% of 1 million early invitees from the platform purchased the TidBit coin in its beta launch three months ago in April 2022.
  • The TidBit coin dipped 0.5 points in the second month of its early release, but analysts expect the coin to grow in value to 3.5 points by the end of 2022.
  • The TidBit coin and the DigiCoin platform adhere to the strict global cryptocurrency regulations applied by the various governing bodies.


Key insights from the founders of the TidBit coin and the DigiCoin platform

  • On the benefits of investing in the TidBit coin. “Making smart investments should be accessible to everyone, not just those with the financial capabilities and privilege. With a coin like TidBit, users can protect their investments and monitor its growth using our platform,” Luca Davide, TidBit coin founder, said.
  • On the value of using the DigiCoin platform. “The platform is a reliable and secure exchange as it offers many benefits that others do not. For example, we hold the fastest transaction speed and lowest fees,” Shania Terrel, DigiCoin founder and CEO, said.


Media angles and opportunities

  • Luca Davide and Shania Terrel are available for media interviews within the next three months. Please submit your interest, list of questions for review, and tentative publishing date to the media contact listed below.
  • Between crypto retailers and regulators: How DigiCoin founder Shania Terrel builds trust in a volatile market
  • Decoding the lifestyle of crypto leaders: step into the world of TidBit coin founder Luca Davide.

Media assets


Media contact

Issued for and on behalf of DigiCoin Inc. For media enquiries, kindly email Jane Doe, PR Manager at Zazoozoo, at jane.doe@zazoozoo.com or call +1 718 961 5461 during standard business hours.

About DigiCoin

DigiCoin is widely recognised as one of the most accessible platforms for retail buyers, with intuitive features based on a human-centric design resulting in a simpler trading process. Founded in 2010 by Shania Terrel, DigiCoin has grown to become a trusted platform providing seamless access to cryptocurrencies. In the years since, the platform has expanded its access to a wider variety of digital assets and continues to develop a safe, reliable, and secure exchange. DigiCoin is available on web browsers, the App Store and the Google Play store.

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