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Opensity Institute is an imagined business school that offers online MBA programs. The showcase presents conceptual creative and content assets that can be reinterpreted for brands in a similar industry. The assets showcased should be viewed as a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, events, or published works is purely coincidental.


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Get Ahead With an MBA That Teaches You To Do, Not Just To Study

Imagine a business school where a student is exposed to work in the real world and not just learn about it.

Opensity Institute is a unique graduate school where students learn from real business leaders. Most business schools teach students to study and give them the materials they need.

The business school teaches students how to do the work. They bring people together actually to do that work, so when they leave school, they are ready to immerse themselves in the business world.

“After graduation, I was ready to go to work. I found a job in my preferred industry and got to skip the entry-level positions because of my experience at Opensity,” states John Adams, alumnus.

This is a common thread with Opensity Institutes alumni. Many of the students hit the ground running, starting in management positions and quickly moving up. Opensity Institute believes in giving everyone an opportunity to learn and grow. Their programs are designed to give anyone a chance to reach their goals in life.

The business school has a variety of Master of Business programs, from MBAs to advanced marketing and technology degrees. These programs are open to anyone with a willingness to learn. Visit the school councillors to find which program is right.

John Davis, Opensity enrollment councillor, says, “I love working with students to get them enrolled in a program that excites them. Watching them truly succeed in life means I did my job well.”
Students can find a degree that meets their passion, so they are completely ready to jump into their studies, ready to learn and grow, and leave school ready to face the world.

Opensity’s master’s programs are all available online, meaning people from all over the world can join. These hands-on programs have students connecting and working with real businesses throughout the world, so they know what being in the office truly involves. They learn from their instructors and real business people living in this environment every day.

The programs are funded by grants from businesses and the government. Once a student is accepted into a program, it only costs a one-time processing fee. “I only had to pay a US$500 processing fee. I got my MBA and got a job before I even graduated,” says Johnny Madison.

They know the best way to succeed in life is to get the education needed.

At Opensity Institute, the goal is to help as many people as possible to get a quality education and support themselves and their families. This is done by giving students real-life skills and opportunities to be the best they can be. For more information, go to

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Opensity Institute Launches Learning-2-Business Service to Seamlessly Connect Students to Business Professionals

The innovative platform for MBA education adds an integrated tool for students to connect easily, network, and build real business relationships.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, 12 DECEMBER 2022 – “Education and real-world business operations have never before been this accessible for students,” describes Opensity Institute President Kylie Standalls.

Opensity Institute, an educational organisation aimed at providing simplified, affordable MBA and Executive MBA degrees, has launched its Learning-2-Business service on its platform. The service provides a direct connection between students and partnered businesses to help students make real-world contacts, learn and understand the business process, and grow their professional network.

The service is built into the institute’s all-in-one digital platform, which connects students, educators, and all the services and resources they need to succeed. Learning-2-Business takes educational outcomes one step further with direct connections to leading businesses throughout the world.

Opensity partnered with businesses to give students direct and accessible insights into real-world companies’ operations. This service takes the traditional internship concept further by capturing how a business operates — and allowing students to participate and contribute to the conversation.


Key points of Opensity Institute’s launch of the Learning-2-Business service

  • Learning-2-Business is built into a student’s already robust learning platform.
  • The service provides a direct line of communication to real businesses operating in multiple industries.
  • Students can participate in the daily operations of a business while building relationships and networking with professionals in their field.


Key insights from Opensity Institute executive team

  • On the future of learning. “The Opensity Institute strives to change the way we approach education. With our learning platform, we strive to keep education radically affordable while giving our students the best resources available.” -Kim Davin, Provost, Opensity Institute.
  • On the simplicity of use. “Our team wanted to make this service just as easy as the rest of the platform to use and understand. It will provide educators with a great element to weave into their other learning outcomes.” -Cary Nimulchek, Head of Development, Learning-2-Business.
  • On the value for students. “We have always strived to provide a grounded business education at Opensity, and Learning-2-Business takes that even further. The platform gives students valuable insights they could never get in a typical educational environment.” -Kylie Standalls, Opensity Institute President.


Media angles and opportunities

  • Executive interviews: The Opensity Institute executive will make themselves available for press and other interviews for the next 8 weeks. Provide contact details, publication dates, and other information through the media contact below.
  • Developer roundtable: Developers will share the key highlights of Learning-2-Business and how it integrates within the Opensity Institute learning platform. The event will be held live and streamed, and the press is invited to attend. The date will be announced soon.
  • Service demo and partner highlights: Opensity Institute will hold a demo of Learning-2-Business and speak with several business partners involved with the service. The press is invited to this event for questions. The date will be announced soon.

Media assets


Media contact

Issued for and on behalf of Opensity Institute. For media enquiries, kindly email Jane Doe, PR Manager at Zazoozoo, at or call +1 718 961 5461 during standard business hours.

About Opensity Institute

Opensity Institute is a business school that offers flexible, online MBA programs designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Our programs are taught by industry experts and feature real-world case studies and experiential learning opportunities. At Opensity Institute, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and careers, and we are committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Our online MBA programs offer the convenience and flexibility to study from anywhere in the world, at a pace that fits your schedule. For more information, go to

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