role of music in our smart city

Concave / SWITCH 2018

Organised by Concave Summit for the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2018, I was invited to moderate a panel curated by the Syndicate crew on the role of music in a digitally connected city. 

Music is a pervasive part of everyday life, with people of all ages spending hours listening to it and millions spent consuming it. A vibrant music culture contributes to the broader creative capabilities of cities.

Syndicate, an artist label and collective, curated a panel to investigate the evolution of music, its impact, and its role in the design of a city.

The panel featured Cherry Chan, artist and co-founder of Syndicate.SG; Vincent Tan, musician and architectural designer at Zarch Collaboratives; Indran Paramasivam, music journalist at Bandwagon; and Rachelle Su, independent architect and urban planner.

Moderator Zul Andra